Shettleston Free Church has been sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in Glasgow's east end for over 100 years.  We warmly invite you to join us in the praise of God and to hear His Word preached.  We believe the Bible teaches us what we must believe about God and what God expects from us, both in our private lives and in public worship.

We are a Evangelical Christian church which found itself on the Continuing side of the Free Church of Scotland in the January 2000AD. split.

There is a long history of witness to the Reformed Faith in this part of the East-end of Glasgow. The Covenanting movement had many supporters in the surrounding district and, after 1690, a Cameronian congregation was established with its western end at Sandyhills, Shettleston. This body used a meeting house on Sandyhills Road until 1819. The Rev John McMillan, organiser of the Cameronians is buried in the old parish churchyard.

The parish minister in 1843, Rev John Thomson, resigned from the Establishment (the state connection) and met with his people, first in a barn until a new church was build in Sandyhills in 1850. Another mission church was established in 1890 and it is from it that the Free Church people adhered in 1900 and built the present church in 1910.

The congregation was never large but persevered through many difficulties. They lost their minister, Rev James Orr, on active service in 1914 in Flanders. They were faithfully served, during World War II by Rev Harry Whittington, who came from very fruitful missionary service among the Terena Indians of South Brazil.

The present minister, Rev James Haram was inducted into the ministry of the church on the 29th of July 2017 which will be his first charge after being a probationer.

The congregation continues to progress as new members are added, while the old faithfuls pass to their reward. The Kirk Session currently has 3 Elders and 1 deacon, the communicant membership is around the 30 mark.

The weekly programme includes, as well as the stated Sabbath services, a Wednesday night meeting for prayer & bible study & Sabbath School.

The Congregation engages in door-to-door outreach to the churchless community and holds a monthly open-air service in St Enoch’s Square, the City-Centre. We believe the church cannot be contained within four walls but must present its testimony as far & wide as resources allow.

In the sad split which occurred in the FCS in 2000 the Shettleston Congregation declared 100% for the Continuing Church. We stand by the standards of the pre-2000 Free Church, its subordinate standards and its Regulative Principle of worship. While seeking fellowship with all faithful proclaimers of the Gospel, we stand for truth and righteousness in all our practice and witness.